Loan Information

What May I Borrow?

Most items are available for loan with the exception of current magazine issues, reference materials and newspapers.

How Many May I Borrow?

You may borrow 25 titles in total, with limits on the following:

  • 10 Audio Books
  • 10 DVDs
  • 10 CDs

Lost Items

Please report lost items to the library. The price of the item and a processing fee may be levied.

How Long May I Keep Items?

  • Bestsellers - 2 weeks
  • CDs - 3 weeks
  • Videos/DVDs - 3 weeks
  • Other Items - 3 weeks

Material may be renewed as long as it is not reserved by another patron. There is a limit of 2 renewals. You can renew all items (with the exception of interlibrary loans) online through your library account, in person, or over the phone.

Overdue Fine Schedule

Overdue fines are levied to encourage the timely return of library materials. Our policy is that fines should not represent a barrier to library use. If you are unable to use the library due to library fines, please talk to us.

  Adult Youth Child
Bestsellers 25¢/day 10¢/day n/a
CDs/DVDs 50¢/day 25¢/day n/a
Interlibrary Loan 50¢/day 25¢/day n/a
Other Items 15¢/day 10¢/day n/a

Maximum overdue charge per item is $5. Borrowing privileges are suspended when fines reach $10.00.  Books that are overdue for six months or longer will be declared lost and the price of the item plus a processing fee will be levied.

Parents/guardians are responsible for materials signed out on their child(ren)'s card(s).  Materials signed out on Children's Cards do not accrue overdue fines. Replacement fees for lost/damaged items apply. Children's Cards may only be used for items for children's use.